We are your one-stop shop.

Whether you need custom scenery, flats, decks, lecterns, or something more unique, we are your guys. We have a vast rental inventory of stock items for your show and we can modify or custom build almost anything that you can imagine. In addition to project management, technical design, and fabrication services, we also specialize in delivery, technical installation and supervision, routine maintenance, and storage.

Klick Philadelphia

When our friends over at Solid Angle were asked to create a complex projection mapping wall composed over 120 different triangles for the 2015 Klick Ideas Exchange at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia, they turned to Cigar Box Studios, Inc. for a turn-key solution.

With a tight schedule (our specialty) at the onset, we began technical design of the projection wall in 3D CAD. Each triangle and its framing were drawn to be cut on our CNC routers and were individually assembled by our fabrication team on the shop floor. From there, each triangle was carefully mounted at the correct angle on three support walls, including a free-standing archway to span over a doorway on the upstage wall. The upstage wall was also home to a large “hero screen” projection surface that was used in conjunction with the triangular projection areas around it. In the photo above, the projection designer is mapping out each triangle to create a template for his design to populate. Click through the slideshow above to see several designs projected on the wall!

When fabrication was complete and the entire set had been set-up and adjusted in our shop, we carefully labeled each piece and took everything down to ship down to Philadelphia. We sent a team of installers to unload our trucks, unwrap and install each individual triangular projection surface, and perform detailed finishing work to make the shipping seams between the triangles disappear.

Candy Crush Soda Street

Candy Crush Soda StreetHere’s one of the craziest requests we’ve had so far: can you create an outdoor street scene in Lower Manhattan that involves a twenty-foot tall inflatable roving gummy bear, an exploding fire hydrant that spews purple soda, and a full-size working yellow taxi cab that will turn purple when it’s covered in soda from the fire hydrant? Well of course we can!

Jack Morton Worldwide asked to build this wild product launch for Candy Crush Soda Saga, the latest mobile game from King Digital Entertainment. We worked with a company specializing in custom inflatable pieces to produce a larger-than-life inflatable gummy bear that stood at twenty feet tall. We created a special cart to move this surprisingly heavy bear down the street during the product launch performance. We built a scenic fire hydrant and surrounding rubble pieces that housed a high-powered water cannon that would launch purple liquid into the air and across the entire street to land on a taxi. We rented a movie taxi and created custom branding and graphics to match an actual NYC taxi cab. Finally, our art department developed a special water soluble paint that would simultaneously adhere to the metal car surface and stand up to transportation and installation on a cold November night while also washing off when blasted with water to reveal a purple taxi cab covered in Candy Crush Soda Saga branding.

Spotify Interactive Jukebox

Spotify Interactive JukeboxesDavid Korins Design in New York City approached Cigar Box Studios, Inc. with a challenging concept – they asked us to build an interactive, touchscreen jukebox that allows users to see what their friends and co-workers are listening to on Spotify (a subscription music service), plays any kind of music they want with built-in speakers or professional-grade studio headphones, and is secure and polished enough to be installed and left unattended in break rooms and lobbies of major companies around the US. After several months of technical design, fabrication, and prototyping, the Spotify Interactive Jukebox came to life!

The jukebox is designed to function like a giant smartphone – it runs a special, social-focused application developed by Spotify called Resonate. Once you sign up for the Resonate service, you can view charts and pages about what kind of music you’ve been listening, how adventurous your taste is, how much “mainstream” music you listen to, etc. Then you can visit the profiles of other users at your company to see what they’ve been listening to and find new music to add to your playlist.

We installed Spotify Interactive Jukebox Version 1.0 at the offices of Carat Media in Manhattan on December 18th, 2013. After learning a LOT the first jukebox about how to more effectively produce these units on a large scale and redesigning accordingly, we received an order for four additional units that were fabricated, tested, and shipped out to their new homes in just a few weeks. These four Version 2.0 jukeboxes are now being installed in four office buildings in the US.